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Why Nehru Place Market have a Bad Reputation, which is increasing?...

Nehru Place Market is one of the biggest computer markets in Asia. Customers will get almost all computer products in the market and there are plenty of talented engineers who are providing friendly services. There are many reputed dealers dealing in different products including computers.

But still Nehru Place market have a bad reputation; why?

After many years of service in Private organizations, I was fed up with office politics, crook & bad managers and their ugly planning. So I decided to stop working for private employers who never waste their energy to understand the facts and doing their business on assumptions. My next option was to start a business. Even though I have experience in many business segments, I decided to chose computer hardware supply and maintenance service as the initial business as it is my interesting field and I have sufficient understanding to run such business.


My first bad experience in Nehru Place was with Property dealers.

When I searched for an office space and met many property dealers. My experience was so bad and I realized that to get one month commission, the dealer was ready to increase the rent to any amount. After one month's search I have discontinued in dealing with broker and started self searching. Finally I got one office space in a reputed building in Nehru Place.


My 2nd bad experience was in the building where very old lifts are being used.

Non working lifts are a conundrum to all occupants. But after few days we have seen a notice pasted on the wall. "The management has decided to replace all the lifts soon."

We were happy by seeing this notice. But in the next day there was another notice pasted on the wall. "Due to the increasing expenditures maintenance charges of the building has been increased with immediate effect".

After few days I read the notice related to replacement of lift again. Surprisingly the date of notice was one year old. i.e. "as and when the management want to increase maintenance charges, they will make the occupants happy with notice for replacement of lifts". It is just like the government's strategy of increasing petrol prices. They will increase big amount and after that give a small deduction, we Indian are very happy with that….


My 3rd bad experience was while dealing with computer dealers who offer computers at cheap rate.

When I saw the price list of few suppliers who are supplying the computer components in cheaper rate than many big dealers, I decided to check the fact. There are many young boys waiting in front of the shops to welcome you. They will give you a product list with lowest prices and will ask you to just visit their shop. This is the first step to cheat you.  They are pure commission agents and when you visit the shop they will say you that "sir, the mother board is of "---"chipset and will hang, we have another mother board which cost this much". In this way they will convince you for every component and finally they will charge you more price than what the genuine dealers are charging for the product. (Rarely they will delivery genuine product). They will give you another exciting offer. "Sir we will assemble the computer for you free of cost". If you accept their offer, you are again trapped. They will even use 2nd hand processors and components and you will not be able to inspect the CPU as if you broke the seal, the warranty will be over.


The other situation is if you insist for the supply of the same product mentioned in the price list, they will do that. But if you paid money for Dual Core processor, what you are getting will be a used processor or Pentium IV processor with same speed.


This is the situation I faced while purchasing few computers for a reputed group. Our quote was on the basis of price list given by suppliers. When we went for purchase of the product, they supplied us with old Pentium 4 processor by saying that it is Intel Dual Core processor. When we noticed it and I and my staff went to replace the product, they started arguing with pure lie. One or Two year experienced employees were trying to convince me about computer hardware, when I have 17 years experience in this field.


Finally we were compelled to pay extra amount for the processors. This also happened when I decided to file an FIR against the company for cheating and my legal background only helped us to handle the situation.  


I was shocked to see that people are ready to go to any level to make money.

Beware,…. there are few computer suppliers offering cheap product in Nehru Place Market. The company name is starting with same letters and as said by one employee of the shop, all these shops are owned by one person. So, don't go for cheap product, you will be cheated. It is better to purchase product from known suppliers, even if they charge some more amount.


My 4th bad experience in Nehru Place market was recently when we send one laptop of our client for repair, as it was not repairable in our office.

The shop owner was talking continuously about quality service, cheap rate etc. When we gave the laptop for repair, they took two days to give report and gave a huge estimate. We have decided to receive back the product. When we got back the laptop, many parts of the laptop was missing; the original power adapter was replaced with duplicate one, power connection was removed, internal modem was removed, many screws were missing etc.


Since we have policy of no tolerance to fraudsters, we handled the situation and received back all the original parts.  

All these are my few months experience in Nehru Place and there are many other experiences which I cannot even discuss.

In Nehru Place I saw many people who have only one intention, "Just to earn money by doing anything". They don't want to maintain client relation, they don't want to deliver quality products, they don't want to increase the volume of their business, they will even sell rejected goods, their thought is if there is any problem, the customer will come back and will replace the material (but 2nd replacement may also be with inferior goods and it is the duty of the customer to come again and replace the product).

I would also like to mention that there are many genuine dealers in Nehru Place Market who are delivering quality products and of course their rates are little higher than fraudsters.

Now it is your duty to decide whether you want to purchase products from genuine dealer or from frauds.

Anyway the bad reputation of Nehru Place is not by the fault of genuine dealers but the greedy people who are spoiling the reputation of the market.

This is not to hurt anybody, but to note and rectify.

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