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Employee appraisal and increment, who is the loser?

Most of the reputed organizations are conducting employee appraisals in time. Senior employees and office staff will get their increment and promotion in time. But there are some employees who are still waiting for the management action to complete their appraisal and get increment. It happens with junior employees in some organizations. They will request to each and every senior they know and will wait for their dues. But sometimes nothing will happen.

Why we are keener to give promotion and increment to the senior people only?

It is a fact that without good clerks and juniors no manager will succeed. Only one man cannot do every work. Success of each and every organization is from the collective work of all levels of employees. E.g. if you want to attend an urgent meeting in time, your driver is responsible to drop you there. Like that all employees in an organization have their own role. Then why they are being kept back at the time of appraisal and increment.


Who are the needy?

In every organization the management will give first priority to senior people for their appraisal and increment. There is a fear that, if they don't get paid at par with market rate, they may search of another job. But the fact is different. It is not easy to get similar job to a senior level employee. If an organization is willing to recruit employees with high packages, they have expectation also. So they are taking decision carefully.


But what is the position of a driver or peon? They can easily change their job than a manager.

Junior level employees are needier for increment than seniors. Because all of their family expenses will be met out of their small income. They are purchasing food items and grocery at the same rate in which senior employees are getting.


In fact major part of their income spends for their day to day expenses and child education.  But in case of senior employees major part of their income goes to savings.


So please seniors, while making increment decisions don't ignore your juniors.

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