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Disposal policy for old computers, Printers, Toner, UPS, Scanners and computer scrap

Most of the companies  sell off old computers and computer scrap to ordinary scrap dealers for any price they offer. But there is a well developed used computer market in India. There are plenty of 2nd hand computer dealers; some of them have even ISO mark. So while making disposal decision of computer scrap we can deal with at least computer scrap dealer or 2nd hand computer dealer. Many of the computer items may be space consuming useless item for us. But all most all the computer parts may be useful for another computer to make it into working condition.


2nd hand computer dealers and computer scrap dealers are purchasing used computers and computer party either by paying part-wise payment or system wise payment. If you have a big organisation and number of used items is more, you can directly approach used computer dealer or computer scrap dealer for disposing of the items and you will get good return. Ordinary dealers will purchase it on the basis of weight and everything is scrap for them. For a better scrap disposal system please follow these steps.

 1. Keep data of computers, printers, Toner, Scanners, UPS and other accessories:

a.    Date of Purchase

b.    Purchase Cost

c.    Configuration of Item

d.   Working Condition

e.   If damaged which are the parts damaged

f.   Depreciated value (if possible- Accounts department can help you for this)

g.  Remarks

2.   Take bid from at least 3 vendors for disposal of the items

3.   Involve a technical expert in your organization for disposal decision making

4.   Check repair cost and replacement cost. Then only you can make disposal decision

5.   Make sure to take back up of data and delete data from the items which are selling off.

6.   Avoid regular scrap dealer.

7.   Don't take responsibility of sending the materials to the purchasers place.

8.  Fix a fair deal and show the sale value in your cash book. There may be some tax liability, but it is better to do business honestly, because the life of dishonest business is for a shorter period only.

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