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Penalties for various defaults under Delhi Value Added Tax (DVAT) Act

Section 86(4) Failed to apply for DVAT registration within one month from the day on which requirement arose

Section 86(5) Failed to file information for Amendment in Registration Certificate of Delhi Value Added Tax

Section 86(6) Fails to apply for cancellation of Registration Certificate under section 22(2) of Delhi Value Added Tax

Section 86(7) Any person falsely represents that he is a Registered Dealer of Delhi Value Added Tax: Penalty u/s 86(7)


Section 86(8) Fails to company with the condition of voluntary registration of Delhi Value Added Tax: Penalty u/s 86(8)

Section 86(9) Fails to furnish any return, Revised Return or other document under Chapter V Delhi Value Added Tax: Penalty u/s 86(9)

Section 86(10) Any Person furnish false DVAT Return or fails to furnish return or Omits Material Information: Penalty under Section 86(10) of Delhi Value Added Tax Act

Section 86(11) Any dealer who has claimed tax credit under section 14 of this Act or claimed a greater amount of tax

Section 86(12) Where a tax deficiency arises: Penalty u/s 86(12)

Section 86(13) A person fails to prepared required records and accounts or fails to prepare it in proper manner or fails to retain record for prescribed period: Penalty u/s 86(13)

Section 86(14) A person or dealer fails to provide the document required under section 59(2) or 59(3): Penalty u/s 86(14)

Section 86(15) Prepares records and accounts i.e. false misleading or deceptive

Section 86(16) A person has issued a retail invoice or tax invoice with in correct or incomplete particulars, or failed to account it correctly

Section 86(17) A person who is not authorised under this Act to issue tax invoice has issued a tax invoice for sale

Section 86(18) If any dealer liable to have his accounts audited under section 49 of DVAT Act fails to furnish true copy of audit report

Section 86(19) Goods are being carried by a transporters without proper and genuine documents for in the documents referred to in section 61(2)

Section 86(20) Statement to the commissioner: False, misleading, deceptive, omits statements

Section 86(21) A casual trader who is required to be registered under DVAT act failed to apply in stipulated time

Section 86(22) A casual failed to furnish return or other document with return in the due date

Section 86(23) Any person organizes exhibition cum sale in Delhi and fails to Comply with Delhi Value Added Tax Act

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