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Duties of a dealer registered with Delhi Value Added Tax (DVAT) Charging DVAT, Claim Tax Credit, Issue invoices, pay tax, file DVAT return etc

Responsibility of a registered dealer of DVAT

The dealer who is registered with DVAT authorities as a dealer needs to do the following:

Charge DVAT on all sales made in Delhi

The dealer can claim tax credit on purchase of goods in Delhi
The dealer needs to issue Tax Invoice or Retail Invoice to the Customer
The dealer needs to deposit tax within the time limit

Submit DVAT return in the prescribed time

Maintain proper records such as tax invoices, DVAT 2A, 2B, 2C & 2D, DVAT 30, 30A, DVAT 31, 31A to support claims for input tax credits on purchases so that the liability can be verified.

If the tax credit of the dealer against purchase exceeds DVAT liability against sales, credits can be applied against Central Sales Tax (CST) Liability.

Refund can be claimed against the amount of excess credit still remaining.


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