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How to register with Delhi Value Added Tax (DVAT): Registration form, Documents required and Procedure to Register with DVAT

DVAT Registration Procedure and formalities

The dealer who needs to register mandatory or voluntary need to prepare the following documents to register with DVAT:

Form No DVAT 04 application duly filled along with annexure applicable.

Form No. DVAT 01 in case of the dealer opting for composite scheme.

India Court Fee Stamp worth Rs. 500 as Registration Fees in the name of the applicant dealer at the address of principal place of business 

Proof of Incorporation of applicant

Bank statement in case of Proprietorship

Partnership Deed in case of Partnership

Memorandum of Association in case of Companies

Copy of PAN Card of the Dealer

Proof of owner ship of property or tenancy of property for principal place of business and additional places if any
Copy of Registration Certificate of other states if any and copy of any

license etc issued by any authority (e.g. Drug license, EIC etc)

Details of the top 5 commodities in which the dealer proposes to deal (In the order of Volume)

Details of Investment in Business e.g. Capital, Loans, Plant & machinery, Land & Building and any other investments.

Details of bank account with copy of cancelled cheque

Security deposit of Rs. 1,00,000 which can be reduced to Rs. 50000 on annexing some documents. Security can be in the form of Personal Surety Bond, Bank Guarantee, Cash, Post office Saving Bank Pass Book, Mortgage of Immovable Property etc.

Name of the Manager for the purpose of DVAT Department only

3 Photographs, Copy of PAN Card and Identity Proofs like Voter ID Card, Passport, Driving License, Aadhar Card etc of proprietor or all partners or all Directors as the case may be.

2 Photographs, Copy of PAN Card and Identity proof of authorized signatories and a Resolution authorizing them in case of Company.

Rs. 50 Non Judicial Stamp Paper in the name of representative person for to issue power of attorney

Two self addressed envelopes without stamps


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