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Part Time Income Sources - Insurance Agency, Intra Day Trading, Tuition Classes, Gym Trainer, Yoga Training Classes, Martial Arts Training, Advisory Services, Content Writing, Website Designing, Website SEO, Data Entry Work, Computerized Designing and Animation Work, Part Time Accounting Work

The gap between people earning higher income and lower income is huge in India. Most of the employees are getting very nominal salary to just satisfy their food and shelter requirement. Saving and good standard of living is a distant dream for all most all Indians. In addition to that, people without common sense are insulting the citizens by giving statement like one family can sustain with Rs. 600 in a month or Rs. 32 is a very big amount to meet all expenses etc. In fact these people don't know even the price of 1 KG of Milk, they are the great administrators.

In this situation the only option remains with us is to work extra time or part time. In short our duty is to work, work and work. So these are some of the part time income options for you. 

Insurance Agency
Life Insurance Agency and General insurance Agency are the most attractive part time options for people who have good communication skill and contacts. Life insurance agency is excellent for earning income for whole life. According to the increase in number of clients the income will also increase and will remain for long period. There is a small requirement of completing short term course of eligibility to get enrolled as Insurance Agent. There is no time limit for doing this business. Remember one thing; competition is there in this business also.
Intra Day Trading
This is the most risky and profitable part time income option. One can trade online by using intraday trading plat form. Timely decision and daily disposal of shares is the key factor of this option. Never wait for more profit. Trade and small margin and according to the increase in number of transactions, the profit amount will also increase. At the end of the trading session, you will be in profit, if take decision at proper time.
Tuition Classes
Running tuition classes is one of the convenient options for educated people for part time income. Classes can be conducted in morning and evening or in convenient time. There is good demand for expert tutors in city and the income is also excellent.


Gym Trainer
Those who have knowledge and experience to train people in gym can choose this profession. Normally rush time of gym is morning and evening. Another benefit of this profession is the person will remain fit for ever.
Yoga Training Classes
Conducting Yoga Training Classes is another part time profession. Those who are well trained in yoga can start this profession. And of course the yoga trainer will remain fit with strong body and mind for long.

Martial Arts Training
This is another profession which one work on part time basis. Classes can be conducted in morning or evening as per convenience. Martial arts trained people definitely have extra ordinary will power and confidence level.
Advisory Services
Professionals like Chartered Accountants, Consultants, Advocates, Company Secretaries, Engineers and experts in different profession can run advisory services to make additional income. They can do this profession in spare time. The main point is, they should have expertise in their profession.
Content Writing
This is a very attractive part time income option for talented people who have skill in content writing of different subjects. Many websites, publishing companies, magazines etc are taking service of the skilled writers. Remember one thing copy paste technology will not work here. People with genuine talent have pool of chances in this field.
Website Designing
Those who know how to design attractive website definitely run this profession successfully. But there should be genuine hard work. Making copy of another site will not give result for long term.

Website SEO
SEO techniques with or without the help of software can be used to bring traffic to a website. Those who are expert in this field can do this work even in part time.

Data Entry Work
Those who have good typing speed can work part time in Data Processing centre or in their home. There is huge requirement of fast typists. But in this field there are fraudsters also who are offering data processing work and charging a fee, which will not be refunded ever. So deal with these people carefully.
Computerized Designing and Animation Work
Designing and Animation work needs dedication and skill. It will take long hours to complete a design. In many countries designing charges is very high. So they are outsourcing the work to the countries where labour cost is low. Few of my known persons have availed this work from different countries and doing this work in India.
Part Time Accounting Work
Many small shops and companies are not keeping full time staff for accounting work. They are either employing part time accountants or giving the work to professionals. Those who are experienced in this field can do this work on part time basis.

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