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Most shocking news of 2012 - India's daughter dies in Singapore Hospital after long fight for Life - This is the result of shameful delay in Criminal Case proceedings

The first news I saw today morning is shocking, painful and created angry. It is more shocking than the news which a heard about the death of a close relative. India's fighter daughter passed away after fighting for almost 13 days for her life. We all expected that her desire to live will definitely fulfill. But all our expectations are in vain.

Many rape incidents are reporting from different parts of India every day. Major part of the cases is not being reported. Most of the women are keeping silent just because of the legal hustle they would face after registering a criminal case.  Their future life will have to spend for fighting the case and they have to visit the court for every hearing.

Due to the complicated legal process people don't even give interest to appear as witnesses of case. If somebody becomes witness of a case, they will have to appear for hearing long years in court premises for trial. They will also have to face harassment from police also during enquiry.
Not only in rape cases the trial of all criminal cases going very slowly and crores of cases pending in the court. Criminals are using this as a good opportunity to protect themselves and the trial drags for long time. They will easily get bail and can lead a peaceful life. The conviction may be pronounced after the death of criminal or due to long delay the prosecution may not be able to prove the case by loss of evidence or any other reason.
India is a country spoiled by politician. When I was in politics I saw the interference of local political leaders in all criminal cases of their supporters either to get them bail or protect them from trial. They will not check the fact and they are not interested to know who is wrong and who is right. Their only intention is just to protect their supporters.


Dear political leaders, we lost belief in you. The real criminals are being protected by you. There are many criminals in administration and key posts. When your people are also criminals, how can you protect the country from criminals? There are vacant posts in courts; there are no sufficient courts to complete trial of crores of cases pending in India. How will you help the people to live a peaceful life?
Speedy trial is necessary in all criminal cases. Government has announced speedy trial in rape cases, just to divert the attention of people. Why don't they announce speedy trial in all Criminal cases? If they do so, some of their colleagues may also be behind bars.
The government should ensure speedy trial or all criminal cases. Capital punishment for rapists is not a solution and it will reduce the conviction rate and increase trial time. Existing conviction provision is enough if it execute in time.
Now the biggest democracy in the world is going through most critical time and the irresponsible politicians have spoiled the country. If the situation continues, 2nd freedom struggle will start in India and most of the politicians will be kicked out from their post.

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