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Death Penalty or Capital Punishment - Right or wrong - The solution

Capital punishment is a matter of discussion for the last many years. 97 Countries in the world have abandoned death penalty due to religious or decision made upon equality. 60% of the people in the world are living in places where death penalty has been eradicated. But in India people are recommending to give capital punishment in rape cases also. But nobody is bothered to find out the reason of increasing rape in India.

What is death penalty or capital punishment?
Capital Punishment is a state in which the judge pronounces the punishment of Death Penalty to the guilty. It literally means "regarding the head". It is done when the guilty is killed by the approval of the court he/she is hanged.

Provision for capital punishment is there in crimes like murders, cases involved violating Article 21 Right to Life, Drug Trafficking, Murder, Religious Cases etc.

Methods of capital punishment being followed by different countries are:
- Hang to Death
- Shooting
- Stoning
- Gas Suffocation
- Lethal Injection
- Electric Chair
- Beheading
It is a fact that Capital Punishment is the worst method of violating the Right to Life. Most respected religions in the world are not encouraging capital punishment or against capital punishment. e.g.

Buddhism is against any Legal measure that promotes Death Penalty

Christianity believes on Jesus' message of Forgiveness.

Hinduism Permits Death Penalty as it limits to the harm of Human Body. They believe that death is not end of life it's just the changing of clothes by the soul. How much ever anyone tries no one kill the soul.

According to another religion it is the family of the victim that decides whether the guilty to be punished with Capital Punishment.


Does Capital Punishment really help to develop a crime free Country?
It is a wrong belief that capital punishment can develop a crime free country. To develop a crime free country, it is necessary to develop educated law abiding citizens. Every crime is committing in different circumstances. Those who are not able to control their mind are committing crime. People should be taught to control their feelings and respect others. This can be achieved only through quality education and social awareness. No capital punishment can deter people from committing crime as the basic fact is that those who commit crime are not thinking about their fate after the crime.

Changes are necessary in a country where every kind of social evil is there. e.g. If someone try to file a complaint against a person who accept bribe, those who come to catch him may be a person who accepts more bribe. So, one corrupt will help the other to escape.

What should we do now?
We should first look into our social structure and restrictions which are expired and need changes. We should try to adopt new strategies to give education which give importance to the human value and social awareness about social evils. We should change our people and teach them to respect others. We cannot improve anybody with punishment but can only damage them.

Yes capital punishment is putting end to one more life for which human being have no authority. It is not a solution, but a way for more destruction.

Author Vaishak

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