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10 ways to have a healthy skin - How to have healthy skin for women and men? How to maintain healthy skin?

10 ways to have glowing and healthy skinHealthy skin is essential to have attractive look. Skin can reveal the stories of your life, from the fabled glow of pregnancy to the less-welcome spots that surface from sun damage. Few simple techniques will help to protect the skin and maintain a healthy skin in fabulous shape, decade after decade.


1. Eat Healthy
Consume healthy food items everyday to have a healthy skin.

Have food items that are rich in :
Vitamin C
- Fruits and vegetables have anti-oxidant properties and collagen creation. They are also good for aging skin to remove aging signs. It repairs damaged skin and removes wrinkles.

eg : Guavas , Broccolis , Oranges , Tomatoes , Papaya etc.

Vitamin D - It is important for controlling the natural immune defensive mechanism of the skin, especially for protection from the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun. It also helps in reducing blood pressure. Few examples of items containing Vitamin D are :
Eg : Eggs, Margarine , etc..

Vitamin E - It helps the skin to retain its natural moisture content. Vitamin E condenses the possibility of sunstroke and coronary blood vessel disorder or heart diseases. Few examples of items containing Vitamin E are:
Eg : sunlight , almonds , turnips , hazel nuts etc.


Vitamin K - Less intake of Vitamin K results in premature skin aging and wrinkles. Few examples of items containing Vitamin K are
Eg : Spinach , Sprouts etc..

2. Have a Properly moisturized skin
Make efforts to have a moisturized skin (especially in winters). Some ways to have a moisturized skin are :
Apply lip balm on your lips regularly.
Use warm water to have baths in Winters.
Using soaps that have less or zero basic in nature.
Apply mustard oil on your body in winters after bathing.
Wipe / Dry your skin well after bathing.
Always carry suitable body moisturizers that suit your body.


3. Keep yourself CLEAN
Brush Daily
Bath Everyday
Have your nails properly and regularly cut.
Apply deodorant before you get out of the shower.
Be well hydrated.
Use sanitary wipes

4. Focus on Treatment of you Skin problems one by one. Not all at once.
If you have skin problems, solve them one by one. Instead of grasping solutions for all at once.

5. Apply Natural Face packs
Use natural ingredients to form natural face packs. Theses help in cleansing the skin and giving a healthy and soft skin. But natural remedies are a time-consuming process

6. Have lots of Water
Drinking lots of water facilitates in upholding the optimum skin moisture and deliver essential nutrients to the skin cells.
Cold water helps in refreshing the skin especially face!. It also helps in fighting skin diseases.
Avoid much chlorine water for daily use. This fights the bacteria in water but is also invites many diseases to the human body.
High intake of water helps in providing sufficient Oxygen to Skin cells.
A cold shower helps in relaxing your body and reducing stress.

7. Use Gentle Cleansers
Use soaps that have no artificial chemicals. Soaps are necessary to remove the dirt and oils which water fails to do alone. But soaps because of the artificial substances leave a harsh and hard skin behind. To prevent this, one must use gentle soaps that are naturally pure and moisturize their body after bath.

8. Say no to Stress
Stress boosts the body's creation of hormones such as cortisol, which can make skin oilier and diminish its ability to battle off acne. Stress affects all parts of the body and also in some cases increases the blood pressure.

9. Watch out on Sun Exposures
Being to much under the sun bring the skin into contact with Ultra-Violet Rays of the Sun which may bring diseases like Skin Cancer, Sun-Stroke, etc… It also causes skin tanning.

10. Have proper sleep
Sleep is the best Meditation! Sleep is when the body heals and develops internally. Hence have 9-10 hours of sleep for a healthy skin

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