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Section 86(10) Any person furnishes a false, misleading or deceptive  DVAT Return under the Act or omits to file return: Penalty u/s 86(10)

Section 86(9) Fails to furnish any return, Revised Return or other document under Chapter V Delhi Value Added Tax: Penalty u/s 86(9)

Penalty Under Section 86(9) of Delhi Value Added Tax Act



If a person required to furnish a return under Chapter V of Delhi Value Added Tax (DVAT)
(a) Fails to furnish any return by the due date; or

(b) Fails to furnish with a return any other document that is required to be furnished with the return

(c) Being required to revise a return already furnished, fails to furnish the revised return by the due date

Amount of Penalty
Rs. 100 per day immediately following the due date until the failure is rectified

Maximum Amount of Penalty Rs. 10,000/-

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