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Rich are misers than poor because they don't know the amount of labour required for a job. They know just to save money and in old age they see their children fighting for parents property

Since starting of my profession, I never bargain to collect fee from my clients. While dealing with rich people, I found that they start bargaining just to bring the fee at bottom. They don't give any value to the professionals, because money is everything for them. They think that they can purchase anything with money. This is partially right and the world is only for rich people. Other citizens are either their employees or laborers who live their life with the grace of Rich.

The important thing I noticed is that those who earn less know well about the amount of hard work required for a job and they bargain less and pay proper fee. The fact about misery of rich people is not understandable. But one thing is clear, they might have earned their rich status through misery.

Many times I felt that the amount of work given by rich people are much higher in comparison to the fee they give. But their feeling is like that they are donating the amount and the work is very small. When people bargain to reduce fee, I frankly tell them that if you have financial problem, I am ready to do your work free of cost. But if you are financially fit you should give the normal fee to me.
It is very easy to deal with an ordinary person who visits my office for professional services. But it is extremely difficult to deal with those misers who have huge amount of wealth and till bargains for small amounts.

Many times I noticed that, to save small amount of fee rich people lost huge amounts. They are not worried about these losses, but they don't pay nominal fee to a professional.

Recently one of my client approached me to get advice for investing few Crores of Rupees in a Company. I have analyzed the financial data and public opinion of the company and gave a report advising my client not to invest in this project at any cost. My client read my report and decided to invest in that project without considering my warning.


After few months I received a call from his to inform me that he lost his entire money. He requested me to help him to recover the money. But it is just impossible as the Group he invested is built on money collected through fraud.

In this case the rich man became poor due to greed and by not considering professional advise. These kind of people will take any risk to earn money, but they are also misers when they want to give salary to their staff or professionals.

In my experience the most decent clients are those who might be earning less but understands others hard work.

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