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Beware of some Travel/Visa Agents. They will do anything to give you visa, but tax liability and harassment may follow

Few weeks back we were busy in filing Tax Returns. One person approached me to file some income tax returns. He was accompanied by a young man. He introduced himself as a business man the other person is un employed and was working with a Chartered Accountant. But he has some clients to file income tax returns. He requested me to file the returns in a discounted rate so that the young man can earn something. I told him that I am not bothered about the income from filing of ITR and I am happy to help the young man to earn something. He told me that they will come with documents to file some income tax returns on the next day.

But after 15 minutes they came back with some documents to file income tax returns. He gave me a sample acknowledgement and told that the returns are to be filed in this method and added that you may not be able to file the return online as the computer will not accept agricultural income. As per his version the sample return was filed by a Chartered Accountant. On preliminary examination I told him that the return you have already filed is wrong and the figures shown in the return will definitely attract tax demand and penalties. He told me that once he received a demand letter from the income tax department, but he went to the department and shouted on the officer, after that no reminder came.


I told him that the returns are filing on the basis of actual income, not on assumptions.  Even though I will check the documents and let you know whether I can prepare the returns. They forcibly gave me charges for filing one ITR and told that please file it on the same day so that tomorrow they can collect the acknowledgement. He also told me that he want to show this much of income.


When I studied the documents, it was noticed that the Assessee has no major income, but the agent want to show huge income in the head agricultural income. In the sample return he adopted the same method by showing huge income under the head Gross total income and shown few lacs Rupees as deduction under Chapter VI-A.


I got suspicious and telephoned to the young man accompanied him. But he told me to talk to the business man. I told him that we are unable to process your Income Tax Returns, please take back your money and documents.


Next day the person came to my office and I refunded his money and returned his documents.

He told me that they are VISA agents and their duty is to prepare VISA documents and get approvals. To get approval they will show sufficient income under the head agricultural income and manually file the returns and there are many accountants who file the returns as per requirements. If there is any scrutiny or tax demand, it is the responsibility of clients. The young person accompanied him was his employee and introduced to us as un-employed.

I told him "You are doing a business which will land you in Jail in future and you may get……punishments".

He replied "Sir, this is India and I can solve anything by spending money". I did not have anything to say…

So beware of such agents; before giving your documents for VISA applications, please check whether the firm is genuine or not.

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