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Black Pepper Plantation - Black gold a profitable agricultural product

Black Pepper cultivation

Black Pepper Plantation is another attractive option in the field of agriculture. Small and big players are there in agriculture of Pepper. The cultivation can be started in small area. Price of pepper also is fluctuating. The product can be sold at the highest price as storage of pepper will not make any harm to the product.

Government grants and subsidies for Pepper Plantation
To promote pepper plantation, the governments are also providing different kinds of subsidies, grants, expenses reimbursements etc. The government also provides good quality plants to the farmers at a lowest rate.

Cultivation of Pepper Plantation and specifications

Pit to Plant Pepper Plantation
2 feet width and 2 feet height

Number of Plants in one acre of land
Approximate 450 No of trees can be planted in 1 acre of land

Fertilizer and Other Treatments
Insecticides treatment should be done in time. Fertilizer treatments for the healthy growth of plant should be done in every year.

Supporting Trees
Black Pepper on tree

Pepper plants are growing on supporting trees. Trees with dual benefits can be used as supporting tree to plant pepper. It will give additional income other than income from pepper products.

Cultivation period
Within a period of 3 years planting pepper plants, it starts generating income.

Quantity of product from one acre of land
From one acre of land approximate 800 kilo grams of marketable product can be generated


Minimum and Maximum rate of products
The lowest rate of Black Pepper is approximate Rs. 300/- per kilo gram and highest is approximate Rs. 450/- per kilo gram. Pepper can be sold in the form of black, white and green.

Pepper plantation can be with other products
Black pepper in mixed cultivation

Pepper plantation can be with multiple of other products, which helps to generate income from different agricultural products. There is no strict restriction about selecting other agricultural plants with pepper plant. Most of the agricultural cultivation can be kept in pepper plantation

Price to purchase Pepper plantation and why to invest
The lowest approximate price to purchase one acre of pepper plantation is approximate Rs. 22 lacs. There will be appreciation in capital value of well maintained agricultural farms.

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