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Form No T-2 Under Central Sales Tax Act: Purchase and Goods Transfer (Inward consignment) from outside Delhi; online information to VAT Department


Central Sales Tax Forms

Form No T-2
For purchase and goods transfer (inward consignment) from outside Delhi; online information to VAT department needs to send through Form T-2 Under Central Sales Tax.



With effect from 1st April 2013 Form T-2 is applicable when the G.T.O >10 crores of the dealer in Delhi except where the dealer exclusively deals in the tax-free goods. All other dealers are to be notified later on.

Form T-2 is to furnish detail of invoices and goods receipt note in respect of the goods purchased/transfer from outside Delhi.

Information would preferably need to be send to VAT department about inward consignment before the goods enter Delhi. If the vehicle Number is not available in advance, Form T-2 would need to b filed without vehicle No and is to be updated within 24 hours of receipt of the goods y the Delhi dealer.

Further till completed and T-2 form is uploaded, the dealer shall not be permitted to sell, export or transfer goods.

If there is certain mismatch in T-2 filed by the dealer due to various reasons, after delivery of goods, the dealer will have an option to submit another T-2 form giving reference to the unique ID against already filled T-2 Form within 24 hours of receipt of goods into Delhi with reason of revision.

T-2 Form is to be filled only for inward movement of goods, not for outward movement/goods returned or rejected by Delhi dealer. He has to explain regarding outward movement with the help of the relevant documents.


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