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Section 86(10) Any person furnishes a false, misleading or deceptive  DVAT Return under the Act or omits to file return: Penalty u/s 86(10)


Due date for filing Delhi Value Added Tax (DVAT) Return: Last date to file VAT Returns
Due dates to file Delhi Value Added Tax Return



The due dates prescribed to file DVAT Return is within 28 days from the end of Tax period. Return form to file DVAT return is Form Dvat 16.

Annual Reconciliation Statement
In addition to the monthly or quarterly reporting of CST, a quarterly Reconciliation Statement in form DAVT 51 needs to be submitted. The CST Reconciliation statement must be submitted within 3 months of the end of each quarter.
All statutory declaration forms, such as Form C, Form E-1 and Form E-II etc on which reduced rate of CST was claimed will have to be submitted along with the quarterly statement, in support of such reduced Rate.

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