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Physical Therapy Service

Physical Therapy Business can be started with the help of expert staff and doctors. This is a high profit earning business but needs to maintain good quality.




Facilities Required

Facilities Required for Physical Therapy Business are:

Office Room

Office Rented or own




There are many ways of advertisement for this business. Pamphlets, hoardings, news paper, radio, TV etc can be used as advertisement channels. Clients will come through reference also.

Opening of Bank Account

In India, Bank Account of a Proprietorship can be opened by giving the following documents:

  1. ID Proof of Proprietor
  2. Address Proof of Proprietor
  3. Photograph of Proprietor
  4. Copy of PAN Card of Proprietor
  5. Copy of any bill raised by the firm (some banks may ask for)

But in other countries, documentation procedure will be different according to the law of land.



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