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Health Care Jobs

There are plenty of opportunities in  traditional health care jobs and occupations. Health care institutions will need thousands of additional accountants, auditors, personnel specialists, directors of personnel, attorneys, buyers, computer programmers, computer support specialists, chemists, engineers, drafters, computer operators, photographers, file clerks, secretaries, purchasing clerks, and food service helpers. Furthermore, employment growth is not limited to the traditional full-time job. There is increase in part-time hospital employees also.



The increased demand for health care services is expected to continue for a long period. All health care jobs are in demand. To explore healthcare services occupations there are many sources. Few of the health care jobs are:

Health Technologists
Clinical laboratory technologists and technicians, EEG and EKG technologists, Nuclear medicine technologists, Radiological technologists, Surgical technologists.

Health Technicians
Dental hygienists, Dental laboratory technicians, Dispensing opticians, Ophthalmic laboratory technicians, Emergency medical technicians, Health information technicians, Dietetics.

Pharmacy, Dietetics, and Therapy Occupations
Dietitians and nutritionists, Pharmacists, Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, Recreation therapists, Respiratory therapists, Speech-language pathologists and audiologists

Nursing Careers
Licensed practical nurses, Nursing aides and psychiatric aids, Registered nurses.

Health & Social Service Occupations, Home health aides, medical assistants, social and human service assistants, social workers.

Physicians, Dentists, Chiropractors, Optometrists, Veterinarians
Health Diagnosing Occupations & Assistants including Physician Assistants. Related occupations are also covered.

Medical Billing Job Opportunities
Billing Specialist, Coding Specialist, Patient Account Representative, Claims Analyst, Reimbursement Specialist, Claims Reviewer. Related occupations are also covered.

Medical Records Technicians and Medical Transcriptionist

Persons who likes to work in health care filed need to know how to explore the healthcare job market and where to go to locate medical job vacancies. It's not as easy as it was in years past to locate viable and high paying employment options. You must explore the vast amount of informational sources that are now available to almost everyone including the internet, medical publications, corporations involved with research and development, associations, directories, job hotlines, and job fairs, all of which are listed in Health Care Job Explosion.





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