Do you think that your old employees cost your business more?

For the last few years we saw few employers are fed up with their old employees and decided to recruit fresh employees and train them; because in most of the business decision old employees have some negative opinions. Some employers don't like even to hear single negative thing. For them everything should be positive. But what is the fact? Why experienced employees are expressing negative opinion also while discussing business policies?


The answer is simple. Experienced employees have broad idea about the matter; they know what will be the impact of a particular policy decision. They are expressing their opinion to make alternate policy decisions. They also know that if they express negative opinion their bosses may not like it and it may even harm their career. But whatever they are expressing is for the benefit of the organization.


What is the impact if you recruit and train fresh employees?

Person who have common sense know that nothing can be replaced with experience. The employer never knows till the completion of training of fresh employees, how much it cost.  If it is in the finance, accounts, taxation, teaching department etc, the impact will be visible after few years. If the employer is ready to take business risk by giving the job in the hands of fresh employees, he should be awarded for suicidal courage he expressed.


Employer always like fresh employees

It is a fact that some employers like fresh employees just because they express great ideas, never say no to any duty, express their willingness to do anything etc.. etc.. But when they try to do a work we will come to know that experience has its own value. This is not to under estimate the fresh employees. We are coming as fresher and developing our career gradually.


My bad (or good) experience

Few years back my employer was over confident of a fresh employee, who expresses opinion for everything. The employer instructed me to train that employee everything. Unfortunately or fortunately I have studied psychology for two years and I understood that the employee is not reliable and will become liability for the organization. I was aware that the employee got appointment in the organization by blackmailing for seniors. When he did not get sufficient response from me he complained to the management and informed them that he have joined for company secretary course and he will manage everything  independently within two years (that poor chap though that I am doing different professional courses and he can also do it easily) . Management was very happy by seeing his enthusiasm and it was their greed to do everything for a lower cost. When he appeared for CS Ist Semester examination, he failed and kept the secret with him. Now he changed the track and there are chances of becoming boss of his current boss within next two years, because in that organization experienced employees are considered as liability.


Why big organizations are spending huge amount to retain talent

Intelligent people know that if you want to maintain quality, you will have to pay the cost also. In fact the huge amount which some organizations are spending for their employees is coming from the hard work of those employees.


Are fresh employees an alternate for old employees?

Yes, if you want to close down your business immediately (There are some exceptions also).

After all do you change your parents, wife and children by blaming them as old?. If your answer is yes, you can easily replace your old employees with fresh, young talents………….

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