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A free agent refers to someone who works independently for oneself, rather than for a single employer. These include self-employed workers, freelancers, independent contractors and temporary workers.  A business agent  is an agent who handles business affairs for another; especially one who deals with employers actor's agent, theatrical agent - a business agent for an actor agent - a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations. In agency business, the agent get specific percentage of commission for doing the business.

There are number of agency business option one can chose. e.g




Travel Agency
Travel Agency Business can be started as a sub agent and later on apply for the authorised stockiest of domestic and International air lines. If the person intending to start Travel Agency Business have sufficient knowledge and competency membership may be taken from IATA membership.

Insurance Agency
The people involved in the insurance industry profess that they provide security for a living, since their product is financial protection in the event of a crisis or emergency. This protection is always in demand, and the insurance industry is thus one of the nation's largest employers, with over two million workers. The life insurance agent collects monthly or yearly payments from a policyholder; if the policyholder dies while covered by the policy, the designated members of his family receive a substantial sum of money. Sometimes life insurance agents arrange for more creative benefits, such as college tuition payments for children. Ensuring proper coverage for hospital and doctor visits is the domain of the health insurer, who most likely works for groups of employers rather than soliciting clients among the general public. Some health insurers are employed by the government to enforce Medicaid policies. Finally, property and liability agents insure instances of damage done both to and by their policyholders. They must also be fluent in the world of health insurance since they cover workmen's compensation; an employee injured at work will deal with this agent rather than a health insurance agent. Agents work for one insurance agency, whereas brokers work independently and sell policies through many agencies. Beyond this distinction, however, agents and brokers fill many of the same functions. Each meets with potential clients and advises them on the most appropriate coverage. When claims are made, they have to settle the claim equitably for both the client and the agency. Agents and brokers can be salaried employees of an agency or, more likely, work partly or fully on commission on the premiums they sell. Because most agents work on commission, they must spend quite a bit of time networking and finding new customers. Some large agencies cover all areas under one of the three divisions, while smaller ones specialize in one area, car insurance, for instance. Besides keeping up with customers and courting new ones, insurance agents and brokers have administrative tasks to do, such as keeping records of sales. Lucky and successful agents will have a staff to handle these matters.


Other Insurance Areas
Occasionally insurance agents have dual professions-some property insurance agents are also real estate agents, for example. Field representatives attempt to generate new business for agents and brokers. They conduct and attend insurance conferences in order to remain fluent in the latest topics in insurance. At times field representatives will educate insurers about advancements in the field. The most prestigious title in the insurance industry is held by the underwriter, who has the stressful task of reading applications that are submitted by agents to determine whether the agency should accept the risk a particular client presents. Underwriters depend on studies done by actuaries that determine levels of risk. Insurance adjusters are also players in the industry. When an accident occurs, an adjuster visits the site to assess the damage and determine the funds the insurer will award.





New Paper Agency
News paper agency business can be done with multiple news paper agency, books, magazines periodicals etc. Timely delivery is very important to this business.

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