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Sales Tax, VAT, CST Registration Services

We provide sales tax registration certificate consultant services, sales tax filing, VAT registration, VAT filing, CST registration and TOT registration certificate services at New Delhi and NCR. Sales tax is generally payable on who sales of any goods in the state and all over country under the tax laws of the appropriate state. A sales tax is a consumption tax charged at the point of purchase for certain goods and services. The tax is usually set as a percentage by the government charging the tax. There is usually a list of exemptions. The tax can be included in the price (tax-inclusive) or added at the point of sale (tax-exclusive). Ideally, a sales tax is fair, has a high compliance rate, is difficult to avoid, is charged exactly once on any one item, and is simple to calculate and simple to collect. A conventional or retail sales tax attempts to achieve this by charging the tax only on the final end user, unlike a gross receipts tax levied on the intermediate business who purchases materials for production or ordinary operating expenses prior to delivering a service or product to the marketplace. This prevents so-called tax "cascading" or "pyramiding," in which an item is taxed more than once as it makes its way from production to final retail sale. There are several types of sales taxes: Seller or Vendor Taxes, Consumer Excise Taxes, Retail Transaction Taxes, or Value Added Taxes.



Value added tax (VAT) is tax on exchanges. It is levied on the added value that results from each exchange. It differs from a sales tax because a sales tax is levied on the total value of the exchange. For this reason, a VAT is neutral with respect to the number of passages that there are between the producer and the final consumer. A VAT is an indirect tax, in that the tax is collected from someone who does not bear the entire cost of the tax. To avoid double taxation on final consumption, exports (which by definition, are consumed abroad) are usually not subject to VAT and VAT charged under such circumstances is usually refundable.

Requirement Documents for VAT Registration & CST Registration

PAN Card
Address proof (Telephone bill or Electricity bill)
Sale deed (if office is own) or Rental deed (if office is rental)
Municipal receipt
4 passport size photographs
Work order

VAT registration certificates (Two) with dealers attestation (This is required for CST registration only)



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