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Registration of Patent, Trademark and Intellectual Property Right Services

Services in the field of IPR, Patent, Trade Mark

Global Intellectual Property Right Registration Services
Filing of applications, transfers, licensing and modifications of patent, copyright, company name, trademark, and domain name.



Licensing of Intellectual Property Right including reviewing of licensing contracts, assessment on licenser and licensee, review of practice of licensed IPR, evaluation of royalties, and other relevant legal opinions.

Consultation on IPR Transactions
Transaction planning, drafting and reviewing of contracts for technology transfer and licensing, strategy planning, negotiations and legal due diligence for IPR valuations.

IPR Protection and Management Services
Trade secret protection and management, prevention of damage from IPR infringement through corporate restructuring and transaction rearrangement, and IPR audit, litigation services for IPR infringement.

IPR Taxation Planning Services
Corporate restructuring for taxation planning purposes and rearrangement of IPR transactions for taxation planning purposes.

IPR Dispute Resolution and Litigation
Providing administrative remedies, civil or criminal proceedings, securitization proceedings, accusation with Fair Trade Commission and preparation work for warning letters.

Legal advice and all other services pertaining to IPR laws.
Services pertaining to registration of copyright, trade mark, patent
Drafting , filing and defending the patents, trade mark services.
Brand Protection services for safeguarding your business interests.
Legal services pertaining to IPR, WIPO process, filing defending of patent matters, copy right matters, trade mark matters. IPR legal advices, patenting services etc.

Patent Attorneys
We have inhouse Indian Patent Attorneys who provide all the services related to the patent including the advice on patent matters, search of the patents and drafting and filing of the PCT applications online.

Trade mark attorney
Trade mark attorneys at our law firm provide the services related to all kinds of legal problems related to the trade mark which can be in form of legal advice of trade mark, trade mark protection services, trade mark litigation services to protect your trade mark.


IPR protection services
Very important and essential services for the industrial and commercial houses for protecting the duplicity of their products, brands, trade marks, logo, patents etc which causes substantial loss to their business in various forms. You lose your quality marking and the pirates get away with profit margins.

Collecting and compiling important information regarding violation of Trade mark, brand name and patent infringement of your products. Getting the information regarding the modus oprendi of the pirates involved with it.

Getting the important information regarding the quantum of damage / loss being done to your goodwill and corporate image by such parties.

Detection of the cases of violation of the Copy right, IPR, identifying the parties involved with it and suggesting remedial measures therein.

Liaison with state and police authorities to curb the duplicity of your products, violation of your trade marks, logos, patents etc.

Collecting and providing evidence and providing litigation services related to the IPR laws for protecting your valuable trade marks, patents, logo etc.

Advising all the issues related to protection of the Brand, Trade Mark, Copy right, IPR. Coordinating with police to nab such cases and take up the matters with the courts and appropriate forums through our trained Indian advocate and IPR attorneys.



All other ancillary services related to the protection of your brand, trademark, patent, IPR, copyright, logo etc which are very essential for the growth of your business.

We provide all kinds of technical know how in IPR services, prior art searches& reporting of IPR matters. Drafting, filing and prosecuting the patent application, opposition of IPR application. All kinds of advice on patent Drafting and filing of patent applications, The IPR lawyers at our law firm provide the most accurate legal services pertaining to IPR with full confidence.

We provide Indian Patent Attorneys, IPR Attorneys and Trade Mark lawyers for all kinds of IPR services.

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