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Rampal's Ashram sealed and handed over to CRPF - Swimming pool in the Ashram


November 20, 2014

The 12-acre ashram of Rampal, a self-styled "godman" in Haryana has been sealed and is being guarded now by the Central Reserve Police Force or CRPF.

In searches at the ashram, 33 weapons - 23-12 bore rifles, 10. 315 bore rifles and a pistol - were found, besides a few Molotov cocktails.

Special Investigation Team has been setup up by The Haryana Police and said searches at the ashram would continue. Rampal meanwhile has been shifted to the Hisar Central Jail.

As per the information given by Police apart from the guru, they have arrested more than 500 followers, including 250 members of a "private army" dedicated to his protection, some of whom were armed with knives.

Hours after Rampal's arrest, on Thursday morning hundreds huddled over breakfast in an open eating area in the Hisar ashram. Amid stacks of blankets sat bewildered followers of the controversial guru - he said to have more than 25 lakh followers - many refusing to leave. They were all persuaded to leave by early evening.

There is a huge common kitchen in the ashram to feed the thousands that gathered there and huge piles of food grain stocked up.


A library, an infirmary, big lecture hall with LED Screens are also in the Ashram.

Rampal lived in a five-storey building in the complex. As policemen broke into the building, this morning, they discovered a swimming pool. That is not the only luxury Rampal, who was a junior engineer in the state government's service till 14 years ago, enjoyed. He is said to also own a fleet of luxury cars including BMWs and Mercedes.

All the doors to Rampal's mansion were locked this morning. The police had to break down doors and windows and climb to higher floors using ladders. Entire floors had been shrouded in netting. Many parts of the ashram were under construction.

The ashram has 30 feet high, two feet thick walls surrounding it and it is very difficult to enter into the Ashram.



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