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New Delhi - According to the revelation by reliable sources, Delhi CM is affected by a rare disease, named by the political scientists as "KEJRI EGO". Initially CM was very disturbed and irritated by this disease. When his "YES BOSS" associates enquired about the disease, the CM told them that this is a very "SERIOUS DISEASE" and need treatment urgently.


The CM himself prescribed medicine for his disease. Name of the medicine is "YY AND PB OUT". Political scientists and doctors strongly objected to his medicine and advised that this medicine will result uncontrollable bleeding, itch, swelling etc, which may lead his party to ventilator. The political scientists and doctors also suggested to give psychological treatment to the CM as his mind is not yet developed to accept big personalities like "YY AND PB" and their hard work.


Without considering the advice of political scientists and doctors, the "YES BOSS" associates of CM tried to invoke "YY AND PB OUT" medicine theory. But as advised by the political scientists and doctors the medicine started showing its side effects such as bleeding, itching, swelling etc and raised question about the intention of CM. It badly affected the health of the party and also revealed the difference in preach and practice of CM.


Now the Political scientists and doctors advised the CM to take the medicine "YY AND PB IN" to control the disease and recover from it. Since the "YES BOSS" associates of CM are not interested for the recovery, they have not supported to it and the decision is pending. The CM is silent with his "KEJRI EGO" disease.



- Kuttan

What are the causes of "KEJRI EGO" disease.


As per the opinion of leading political scientists and expert doctors, the following may be the reason of this disease.

  • Hesitation to accept outstanding personality, reputation and hard work of "PB", which is utilized for the overall success of the party.

  • Sweetness, simplicity, strong personality and reputation of "YY".

  • Medicine given by "YY and PB" to prevent the party from affecting diseases.

  • Exaggerated tales about "YY and PB" presented to CM by his "YES BOSS" associates.

How to prevent "KEJRI EGO" disease.

  • Instead of preaching the mantra "I am a chotta aadmi" show it in practice.

  • Don't accept the advice of CMs "YES BOSS" associates, instead use his brain.

  • Don't irritate with others personality, try to make such a personality.

  • Dont' ignore your associates after utilizing their knowledge, reputation and hard work.

  • Dont' feel that CM is the king and only intelligent person, others are fool.



Note: This news is published as a Holi Joke on the basis of current political situation prevailing in Delhi. It is not to hurt anybody. Please don't take it seriously.





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