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We provide professional services for family and guardianship laws:





Matrimonial disputes
Matrimonial disputes under the Indian legal system are very complicated and cumbersome. It requires a comprehensive understanding of the entire law which may affect the matrimonial disputes in any manner. Since the matrimonial disputes have very wide ranging effects on the spouse, one needs the services of highly trained and qualified Indian lawyer to handle the matrimonial disputes. The matrimonial disputes may be due to any reason but it culminates into civil as well as criminal proceedings. The civil proceedings in the matrimonial disputes are the proceedings for grant of divorce, permanent alimony, maintenance, restitution of conjugal rights etc. whereas the criminal proceedings in matrimonial disputes can be proceedings under the anti dowry laws for prosecution of the husband under Section 498A, 406 IPC. Proceedings under section 125 of Crpc , proceedings under the Domestic Violence Act etc. We provide legal services pertaining to all kinds of matrimonial disputes through our highly trained Indian attorneys at our Indian law firm.



Custody of child matters
The disputes for the custody of child are in fact a spill over of the matrimonial dispute. Such matters are contested under the Indian Guardianship and Wards Act. Such cases also involve the Indian Succession Act sometimes and need the services of highly qualified Indian advocates who can handle such matters effectively.

Family settlements
Family settlements over various aspects covering the assets and properties of the family require the services of highly qualified Indian advocates who can comprehend all the possible disputes over the properties and accordingly handle the matters for settlements of all such disputes.

Visitation rights
Services for launching and contesting the custody of child cases which are based on the visitation rights and the interim custody of the child by father or the mother as the case may be.


Divorce matters
Divorce attorneys at our law firm handle all such cases related to divorce on the grounds of cruelty, adultery, impotency, desertion etc. We provide all services with full confidence on the issues related to divorce matters in India.

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