Why members in the Anna Ji's campaign are reducing? Why corrupt will join to fight against corruption?

You may have seen in the news or heard that number of people coming to the campaign against corruption being lead by Anna Ji is reducing. Media is using it as breaking news to break the heart of larger number of poor Indians who are waiting to see the success of freedom fighters against corrupt (This is another freedom struggle to get freed Indians from organized gang of corrupts.


What is the real reason of reducing number of people who participate in Anna Ji's campaign? You can find out it from the following examples and experiences.


Example 1

My advocate friends told me that they are going to participate in Anna Ji's campaign against corruption. I told them, ok you are right, but tell me one thing, today morning there were few notices to be issued from the court, have done it?. They told me "yes we have sent the notices".

I asked them "how did you manage to send these notices in a short time?" They replied "We gave Rs. 250/- per notice to the dealing clerk, and he did the work fast".

I asked my last Question "do you still want to participate in Anna ji's campaign?" They did not have any reply, because how can they join a campaign against corruption, when they are also forced to give bribe for their normal working. Even advocates are not able to do their work without giving bribe, then what will be the fate of common man?.

This is the real reason for reducing number of members participating in the Anna Ji's Campaign. When the numbers of honest people are reducing daily, how campaigns to restore honesty can succeed?.

Example 2

My next experience was with a young driving licence agent who approached me for tax advice. He is working in South Delhi Driving Licence authority as agent for the last few months for issuing driving licences.

I asked him how many agents are working there. He answered approximate 56. How much is their monthly income? He told me that he is a beginner and his work is progressing, his seniors are earning more than 2 lacs in a month by working as driving licence agent.


I asked him, why people are approaching you to get licence prepared. He replied, "this is the only way to get issued licence there, if you apply directly, you will never get a driving licence and definitely fail the driving test. After failing the test people will have to come to the agent, then why not at beginning?". People applying through agent will have to appear only for photograph. Also he revealed that every agent have to pay major part of their earning to the employees of licensing authoring and top to bottom they are sharing the amount.

My last question was "do you know, it is a punishable offence and your career will be spoiled by this".  He replied, if arrested, we will spend some part of money and take bale and do the same business again.

I did not have more questions to ask.

Example 3

My Advocate friends registered a Charitable Trust to do some charity by donating 10% of their monthly income for charitable activities. After registration, they approached me to prepare application to get Income tax registration u/s 12A and exemption under section 80-G. I have prepared the application and one of the Advocates was over excited, as one of his friends was in the department. But I laughed in heart as I know that he is going to a department where officers have elephant mouths to eat money.

After few months I asked them "What is the status of your file in Income tax Department". They told me the file is under process, and they told us to do some charitable activity first.

They did some charitable activity and appeared before the officer again. After few weeks the officer called them and told "You have not met me yet to finalize the deal". The advocate rushed to Income Tax Department and come back with red face.

I asked him "Where is your exemption certificate, what happened". His reply was like this…

"Earlier 80-G exemption was for 3 years and now the law changed, if it is approved, it will remain for years, so the officers have increased the amount of bribe and the minimum amount starts from Rs. 50000/-".

I told him "you are doing charity and for approval of charitable activity you want to pay bribe? and your known person is in the department, what is the use?".

He told me "the amount will be shared by different officers in the department, so my friend cannot do anything, except he can give concession of few thousand rupees".

I told him "If you have extra money, give it to beggars, you can't fill the belly of income tax officers with your small amount, they become bigger by eating more".

The advocate was very much interested to get the income tax exemption for his trust but few days later he come to know that their application was rejected due to "insufficient charitable activity".

That means, for these officers charitable activity means giving bribe to them".

After this the Advocate gave me one challenge by asking a question "Can you get a property registered in South Delhi without giving bribe, then I can surrender my law registration? (There is a registrar in south Delhi who register 4 to 5 property in a day by taking huge bribe).

I replied, friend you keep your law registration alive, I am not god to get a work done through that registrar".

After reading these three examples, can you expect getting more support to Anna Ji's campaign?

When people are following corruption  as a fashion, doing corruption as a business to create wealth, why should they support Anna Ji?.

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