Why demand for MBA's is diminishing and your business school showing downward growth?

Demand for MBA's is changing every year. Sometimes it is in the peak and sometimes it is at lowest level. Many business school owners are of the belief that the demand for MBA's reduced. But what is the fact? Cut off mark for admission to commerce courses are at top all over India, especially in Delhi it is at highest percentage. Then what is the reason for decrease in demand for more qualified MBA's.

In fact there is no decrease in demand for MBA's. But of course there is decrease in demand for MBA's qualified from some institutes which are not maintaining quality. When we try to analyze the reason for failure of these institutes reasons are many.

Director, deans and Centre heads of the Institutes
The successful institutes are employing PhDs with relevant qualification and experience for these posts. But other institutes are employing Post Graduates with few year experiences, who have published few articles for this post. When captain is weak, where the ship will go?

Faculty Members
Top ranking institutes are employing PHDs and persons with very good academic background for the post of Professor, Assistant Professor and other faculties. Their profile is highly impressive.
Other institutes are employing post graduates as Assistant Professor, faculty and their own students as faculty associates. Their two line profile is not so impressive.
It may be good to give placement to own students. But if you are the main recruiter of your own students and you are the highest paymaster, public will understand it gradually the number of students appearing for the course will be equal to the number of vacancy in your organization.
Placement Assistance and artificial placement record

The successful institutes have their own well developed placement system. Their goodwill is enough to get placement to their students.

Other institutes are showing artificial placements by placing their own students in their organization for short period. In next year half of them, will get retirement or run away and they will give placement to fresh batch. Management of some such institutes are even thinking to retire their old staff and give placement in the ratio of 1:3 to their students for the same cost. This technique will not last for long. We saw many students who have not placed after spending lacs of rupees for MBA course.

Student Quality
Successful institutes are maintaining quality education and they are getting quality students.
Since other institutes are not maintaining quality they are getting low quality students.

Fee Structure
Free of reputed institutes are little higher than other institutes. But their seats are full.

Salary Structure
Reputed institutes are paying good salary for quality of their employees. Salary structure of most of the other institutes is manipulated office politicians.

Quality of Education
Reputed institutes are maintaining education quality with the use of different mediums, industrial visits, project works etc.

Other institutes are trying to increase the quality by copying western methods like mentor mentee structure and low cost training structure. In fact they won't enquire whether the mentor has the quality to train an MBA student.

Reputed brands are giving quality advertisement for their courses and remain in public mind with attractive advertisements. Other institutes are giving small advertisements and people may not be aware about the institute.


Work Environment
Reputed institutes are offering good working environment to faculty members and employees. But other institutes may be offering high pay package, but due to the worse working environment they are gifting their staff with deceases like high blood pressure, sugar etc. And they will never miss a chance to make profit by denying employee benefits.
Finally, if you are the owner of an MBA institutes is working like a sinking ship change your decision making method and make decision on reverse order.

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