Useless Degrees in India -Distance Education a way to defraud economically backward Indians - Pure wastage of time and money

It was a very happy moment when I cleared my MBA entrance in 1995. Most of my friends were failed to clear the entrance examination, so I thought I am lucky. In 1998 I have completed my MBA in Finance from IGNOU after doing proper research work for final project. As notified this degree is recognized by AICTE also. I thought this degree may give boost to my career.

But the fact is, for the last 16 years none of the employers gave any value to my MBA or considered it at par with MBAs of other regular institutes. The approach of employers are like that I have committed a big mistake by doing distance MBA.

These people have good respect to 6th and 12th class Ministers who speak little bit English with the help of English speaking course.

After this MBA in Finance I did many courses from different government Universities. But nothing helped me to get growth in my career.

Now my policy is whenever I want to apply for a job I will mention only basic qualification in the CV and give a note "I have few more useless degrees from Indian Universities, which I am not interested to disclose" .

Many of my known persons who did courses in distance education mode or from non reputed institutes have the same fate.
Advertisement of private employers will definitely have a sentence "Qualified from Reputed university/Institute" that means there is no entry to ordinary Indians.

As per my understanding the government is promoting distance education just to defraud the economically backward Indians. They are wasting their time and money to get such useless degrees.

Many of the courses in India are purely useless. Some of them are:

MBA (Finance)
Current theory is Chartered Accountants are the gods of Accounting in India. I know many CAs who don't know to write a sentence in English. But they have big demand in Accounting field. You cannot see any advertisement which offer opportunities for MBA Finance People. Nobody want other professionals whether they are highly talented or experienced. Now Accounting is the monopoly of CAs.

Distance Education Degrees
For a private employment, distance education degrees are useless. Instead of getting value to your degree, the importance of your other degrees may also drop.

Non reputed "Commercial" Institutes
My experience while proceeding recovery of pending fees of an Institute was horrible. We have send legal notices to defaulters. Many of the fee defaulters or their relatives came to meet me. The I come to know that people did MBA by taking loan from different organizations and paid fees ranging from Rs. 5 lacs to Rs. 10 lacs. Major portion of the students were either unemployed or getting salary of Rs. 8000/- or Rs. 10000/- per month. With this salary how can they pay off their loans. Their dream was to become a manager after doing MBA from this institute. But this course spoiled their life and peace of their family. Finally I quit that painful job.


Un Recognized diplomas
Many institutes are conducting tailor made courses and issuing certificates. But most of them are not useful for employment. If you get some knowledge from these courses, it is ok. But most of these courses are not useful for employment.

So before Joining for a course please collect sufficient data related to the course.

What is the purpose Private Universities?
Now Government is promoting private Universities. You may think that this is to help us. In fact many of the Private Universities are directly or indirectly owned by Politicians, business houses or their related parties. It is another form of business. Formation of a private university is also through different sanctions and approvals. This is a good income source for our respected babus.

If the government is keen to develop education in India, they should promote Government educational Institutes. Thousands of schools do not have girls toilet. You can understand importance given by Government in education.

Age and Employment
If you are in Private Employment and lost your job, it is next to impossible to get a job after the age of 40. Government also want to give employment to young people. That means all aged un employed citizens should commit suicide?
Age factor is not applicable to politicians. They can get employment even after 75. Is it democracy?

The Pathetic Indian Education System
Anybody with sufficient fund can form a Charitable Trust, Section 25 Company or Charitable Society to run educational Institute. Since charity is in the name no other charity will happen. This is another form of business. Government do not have sufficient control on these organization. Instead they are supporting them, because who will contribute for election expenses.

In India only rich people are getting quality education. Ordinary Indians are doing their courses from affordable institutes or through distance education and this becomes a pain for them for their whole life.
The basic Indian theory is -

If your are uneducated you can become a politician then minister and control every body
If you are educated maximum you can become an IAS officer and wait for the orders of the respected un educated politicians.

Best of Luck to every ordinary Indians to complete their pathetic life period in India.

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