Precautions while purchasing assembled computers

Purchase decision of assembled computers is complex decision. People who chose to purchase higher configuration computer in lowest cost are normally doing it. But the fact is that if you purchase assembled computer with components of reputed brand, it is a good decision. Because all the branded computer sellers  are also using Intel or AMD Processors, mother board, hard disk, RAM, SMPS, Cabinet, Key Board, Mouse, Monitor etc manufactured by other companies. No branded company is manufacturing full computer system in their factory.

If you chose to purchase assembled computer, you can purchase a computer with higher configuration than a branded one at lowest price. But this decision will cost you more, if you do not purchase the material from the right place.

As we all are aware business etiquette is vanishing and many shop owners have only one intention, jut to earn money. So while purchasing assembled computers, please ensure the following:

Processor - Purchase only "Box Pack" Processor
Box Pack processor is available with original packing of manufacturing company like Intel and AMD. The warranty for box pack processor varies from 1 to 3 years. But in case of lose pack warranty is one year and in all most all cases the shop keepers are giving warranty. Warranty agreement and original logo of the product are also available in Box pack.

What will happen if you purchase lose pack
Lose pack is the option created by shop keepers. Don't expect to assemble a good quality computer with lose pack item. The shop keepers will offer you one year warranty. But the processor may be old one or replaced one. Manufacturing companies always sell box pack materials. Lose pack may also cause inconvenience as there may be compatible problems of mother board, RAM etc. So never chose lose pack processor.

Mother Board- Chose Mother Board of Processor manufacturer or other reputed brands offering more than one year warranty.
If you chose Intel original mother board, cost may be little higher but it is totally compatible with processor. Brands like Asus, Gigabyte etc are also offering more than one year warranty and have good quality.

RAM - Many companies are offering life time warranty for RAM.
Purchase the RAM of known company only. Some companies are offering even 10 years of warranty. But if your system repeatedly gives problems, warranty has no meaning.

Hard Disk - Chose hard disk of reputed brand. Quality is important than size
Hard disk is most important component of a Computer. Chose the most reputed brand of hard disk. If your budget is not allowing, please purchase little small size computer than the low cost one.

Cabinet and SMPS
While purchasing computer cabinet don't go before attractive design and model. Give first preference to quality than appearance.

Key Board, Mouse, Speakers and DVD writer
Chose key board, mouse, speakers and DVD writer of reputed brand.

Monitor, LCD/LED
Some reputed brands are supplying LCD and LED with 3 year warranty. Chose items with long warranty.

Chose branded UPS with more than one year warranty.
Chose known dealer if possible
If the Computer is assembled by supplier, please check the following
Check box of the Processor Box Pack and keep it with you
Check hologram of Intel or AMD
Check Original pack of Mother Board and keep the warranty card with you
Check the warranty card of Hard disk and keep warranty certificate/agreement if any with you
Check warranty of RAM and keep the envelope/container of RAM. Some companies are giving warranty on this basis

Check warranty card of Monitor and UPS, got it filled and keep it with you

If you are purchasing assembled computers with care, there is no risk at all as now a day's almost all components are coming in assembled format.

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