Party for new born boy - No money for treatment of wife or girl child - Is it the (proud) Indian Sentiment

In December 1st week morning at 3.40 am my mobile was ringing. I thought that it may a call for price list or customer care number. I was irritated and did not pick the phone as the bell disturbed my sleep. After 20 Minutes again the mobile started ringing. This time I pick the phone. The call was of my car cleaning boy. He told me that he wants some money, his wife is pregnant and delivery is expected today morning. (He has already taken his one year pay as advance and comes for work only now and then it may be once or twice in a week or whenever he need advance). Even, though I told him to collect the money.

After half an hour he came to my home. He told me that he did not sleep in the last night, because his wife was crying in home. I asked him, she should be in the hospital, then why she is in home?. He replied that the delivery is in the home and he has no money to admit her in the hospital.  The money which is collecting is for medicine. It was really shocking news which I cannot imagine in this advanced world. His wife was crying in the whole night due to pain and he is worried about his lost sleep. Incidentally I also lost my sleep at that night. He collected money and went back.
In the next day his brother who is also working in my office informed that a baby boy born in their home and everybody is happy. I thought, thank god for saving the life of poor women and child. And of course I also felt happy.
After one day father of the new born child called me. He told me that he want one more help from me. I asked him, what kind of help? He replied "I am arranging a party in my home, because of the birth of my baby boy. If you have any contact in liquor shop, please arrange 25-30 bottles for me, with a discount".
This may be one of the most irritating words which I have ever heard in my life. First of all I don't like the ugly taste of liquor and those who die for it. The second thing, the great father had no money to admit his wife in a hospital and put her life in danger  (because he behaves like that he already have 2 baby girls, if the next one is also baby girl the amount he spend may be a wastage).  But when he got a baby boy he has money for arranging a big party. I told him, we never arrange any party instead we are using that money to help people like you. I suggested him to drop the plan and take care of his wife and child.
He was strict in his words and told me that it is very important to give party to his friends and relatives. If I cannot help him, he will take help from somebody else. I told him to give back all the loans taken from me before arranging the party. That was the only option left in that situation.

After two days the angry man come to my home and gave back the loan amount. His behavior was like that I did a very big mistake. He also stopped his car cleaning service.
I enquired to his brother about the party. He told me that there was a grant party for the arrival of new born baby boy and everybody is happy. Fund for the party was arranged by taking loan. In fact the family is living in a slum where they do not have even a toilet.
I cannot understand the discriminating mentality of the people about girl child. In my native place, I never heard of such discrimination and we give boy and girl the same importance. Some parents even give more care to the girl child because they know that the girl has to live in another house after her marriage and they may not get love and care there.
In my personal life also, I have never asked my wife to search for a job, even in the worst time. In fact in our marriage, the entire expenses were born by me because I hate dowry system, the ugly decease still remaining in the society.
In some parts of India, even the educated people are also celebrating well when they get a baby boy. But the birth of a girl child is informing like sad news. We should through away this ridiculous culture.
Discrimination against girl child is the most vulgar treatment and how it is continuing in the so called developing country, which claims to have a great culture of more than 5000 years?.  
After all we have time to react against comments in social network sites, TV channels and political or religious speeches. But we do not have time to stop barbarian culture like discrimination against girl child, child labour, corruption etc.

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