Transaction of which Income tax department collect information

Absconding to avoid summons, Preventing Service of Summons, Non Attendance, Non Production of documents, false information, Refusing oath, answer, sign statement, False statement on oath False information - Section 172, 173, 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 181, 182 of IPC

It is a common tendency among the accused to save themselves from criminal cases by absconding or preventing service of summon, non appearance at the time of hearing of the cases, giving false information etc.


Restriction on Powers of the Board of Directors-Section 293 of the Indian Companies Act 1956

There are some restrictions in the powers of Directors of a Company. The directors cannot take complete business decisions without the consent of the shareholders. The agenda of the matters should be discussed in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM)...

Political contribution by Companies- Section 293 A of Indian Companies Act, 1956- Punishment for violation

Section 293A(1) was substituted by the Companies Amendment Act 1985  seeking to continue the existing blanket ban against political contributions in case of (1) Government Companies, (2) Companies which have been in existence for less than three financial years...

Most shocking news of 2012 - India's daughter dies in Singapore Hospital after long fight for Life- This is the result of shameful delay in Criminal Case proceedings

The first news I saw today morning is shocking, painful and created angry. It is more shocking than the news which a heard about the death of a close relative. India's fighter daughter passed away after fighting for almost 13 days for her life...

Payment of Interim and Final dividend -Procedure and Formalities -Companies Act, SEBI and Income Tax Act

Companies declaring and paying interim and final dividend needs to follow some procedures and needs to complete statutory formalities to ensure payment of dividend in a proper way without violating any statutory regulations..


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