MBA through distance education, is it worth? Or it is wastage of time and money?

Few days back we were busy in finding solution for one of our clients. Suddenly one of our employees jumped from the seat and loudly said "Sir, my result declared". His expression was in such way that he has done a biggest job and he was over excited about his success. Actually he has cleared 2nd Group of his MBA examination through distance education. This experience recovered memory of my MBA experience from oblivion.

Years back more than 20 colleagues of our age group and I appeared for MBA entrance examination. I and one of my friends cleared the entrance test. It was a three year course in Master of Business Administration from a university and was recognized by AICTE also. The university is one of the world's reputed universities in part-time and distance education. We have worked hard, but my friend discontinued the course after 1st year as he was not able to manage his job and course simultaneously.

I tried hard to complete the course and cleared the semester examination one by one. Luckily my project work was under a PHD professor with more than 23 years experience in Jawaharlal Nehru University. He is very sharp and I did actual research work under his guidance. This was my wonderful experience and I got base for conducting original research work for my further studies like LL.B, LL.M etc. My MBA in Finance completed with good percentage of mark. I thought that the management may give some considerations to my additional qualification.

Ironically my immediate boss was a person who think "Delhi University is the best University in the world" (because he studied there) and "Chartered Accountants are the gods after omnipotent" (because he is a Chartered Accountant). So to give a blow to my career, he started showing my profession as Computer Professional instead of Accounts and Finance Person and I lost my 8 years experience in my original profession. He also did his level best to keep my emoluments below that of another Graduate (who cleared his graduation in 4-5 years by attending evening class) with same experience, who acts as very loyal to him and support him for all his bad decisions. Later I found relative of my immediate boss who never recognized my qualifications is doing diploma course from the same university.

And miraculously, his organization is now conducting the courses offered by the same university where I studied and they are charging more than 8 lacs of rupees for a two year course, but they were reluctant to recognize my 3 year MBA Degree.

So, for me completing MBA Finance Degree was the end of my career growth in an organization. But my classmates who did MBA have got their promotions and placed in appropriate designation in banks and government departments. Not in private sector.

Later I saw job advertisements of many organizations specially quoting "Full time MBA degree from reputed university" as basic requirement in their advertisements and I have never seen an advertisement inviting application from Part-time MBA or MBA through distance education.

The facts I admit
It is a fact that my MBA course put an end to my career growth. But the knowledge and experience I got from the professors of JNU and other reputed universities in Delhi helped me to complete few other professional qualifications. After completion of every course, my immediate boss got informed me "there is no use of this qualification here". You can imagine his intelligence. The person is sitting in a Business school and he says there is no need for qualified people in his Business school.

Any way experience from this organization helped me to change my life from an employee of a private organization, whose life was totally depend on the whims and fancies of the immature middle management people; to an independent entrepreneur. "Yes now I am not taking dictation, I am giving dictation".

Part time or distance MBA for your Career
If you are in a Government or Semi Government organization, part time or distance MBA degree from a recognized university will definitely boost your career and you will get promotion and increase in emoluments.

But if you are in a private job, pray to god and everything will depend on your luck. We are aware that many commercial institutes are giving Post Graduate Diploma equivalent to MBA. After completion of the course students are wandering here and there for a job. I have seen MBAs who are earning Rs. 8000/- and Rs. 10000/- per month. There is huge number Post Graduate Diploma Holders who are applying and applying and not getting any reply.

In my organization also the number of applications from MBAs is much higher than the candidates from other fields.

But for further studies, MBA through distance education will help you to continue your studies.

So, if you are lucky, your distance or part time MBA degree may work for you. Otherwise if your intention is to work in a private organization, it is a pure wastage of money and time (but grace of god is exempted).

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