Increasing beggars and sleeping administration - We don't know how many types of taxes we are paying, but where it goes?

In Indian streets we can see thousands of beggars wandering here and there for their lively hood. Some will be carrying an infant or child; other will have some injury or any other think to make feel other pity.  There are few beggars who have disability and needs helps from any source. But most of them are healthy enough to do some work. Maximum number of child cruelty is in begging. Some time we feel that begging is a well planned business to earn easy money.

Using children for begging is most cruel act and nobody in the society is bothered about it. The children may not be getting water, food or rest in time and are compelled to work for the whole day. In India people have time to cry for animals. They don't have time to listen to the weeps of children and disabled people. The only thing we do is to give a one rupee coin to the beggar and show our greatness.

Foreign tourists visiting India are also facing huge embracement from beggars. Beggars always block their free right to travel. There is huge number of beggars in the surroundings of most of the temples in India.

 Why people are going for begging? Because, they do not have income source. A man goes for begging, when no other options remains for him. It is the easiest way to impress others and earn money. And there is no social control against their activities.

Begging is another option for criminals to hide their identity. Because of their appearance, nobody will identify them.

Why our government is silent about driving our young population to begging and stealing etc. The administration has no responsibility to protect the citizens? And we also have not time to react. We will react only when somebody make a comment against our caste or sex. No other matter is important for us.

What is the use of an irresponsible government which highlights the development of rich people in the country only?

Whenever a VIP travels on Indian roads, the traffic will be blocked and roads will be clean. They don't know how ordinary citizen lives. They never see the begging in the surrounding areas of traffic signals, temples, churches, market etc.

When the number of beggars in a country is increasing, is it a developing country? We are simply watching when our young population is being driven for begging and wandering without clothes and education. This is the time to react and throw away the inefficient administration engaged in corruption and mismanagement.


Beg, Borrow and Steal is man's new trend of supporting his lifestyle. Begging is the Result of Labour. Man begs when he has no money, no roof on head, no food etc. The way to support Begging Eradication is by working hard whatever happens any disaster strikes you. You can do a job that disease that has lead our nation to poverty is laziness. Working a little hard can make you achieve allot. Some people do no work sit at home the whole day when the money ends one day their life turns them to begging. Begging mostly done by children that a major crime that violates the Human Rights. Children, deserve to enjoy their childhood those fun days will never return as they grow up the work starts. Many children can be seen on the Railway Tracks, picking up plastics, cleaning, begging in the trains. Beggars are usually having food of the money that is for free and this is something wrong whoever the person is he/she should work hard and earn money instead of begging.

At Present now in the 21st Century we are living an advance lifestyle but some are not. We all have heard of charities and movements but all through this people don't regret.

The only way of Begging Eradication is by cornering laziness that many of us have. Beggars all must find a job whatever it is: their aim is to earn money and live a life, this would prevent begging and make this world a better place to live. For such things better employment is required which is not readily available because of the emerging population and decreasing employment opportunities.

If every single person on the earth contributes a little handwork this human race can be a better place and development would never sink. There are many children who loose there life and childhood in labour. They deserve education and freedom not poverty and labour.  

You must be thinking the above words are rude as these people many of them are physically challenged. Hard works, at least the ones that are alive, that still have arms and legs must.

Working in a small is shop is also not bad at least better than to beg. These work maybe something less but make you gross something to fill the empty stomach. If Begging comes to an End it would be a great step towards human expansion.

There are many opportunities for those who have no physical inefficiency. They should try to do any work and the government should give necessary support.

Protection of physically disabled and old people is the responsibility of government. They should do their duty. Doing research to introduce new taxes is not the only duty of a government. Indian citizens are paying many types of taxes which even they don't know. Government has no authority to misuse the money for the benefit of them only. Part of the income should be utilized for the development of downtrodden people.

Otherwise the country will have few rich people and lacs of beggars.
Sleeping administration, wake up and do something for eradication of begging. Otherwise the people will through you out and some of you will be in the begging line in the old age

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