Object of Business. is all about money only?

I haven't seen anybody who is satisfied with money and I haven't seen anybody who is satisfied without money.  Those who do business will definitely have ambition to be rich and lead a lavish life. But it is not really possible for everybody. There are few people who are succeeded in their business in short period, but more is there who are struggling to stay in the market.



But in real life I saw many business men who are not worried about the customer satisfaction; they will even deliver you inferior quality goods, or goods with old components which you will not be able to understand. Why they are taking chances? Are they really doing business?


No they are not doing business; they are digging the way to hell. They are the greedy business people who may earning money in a short period, but they won't get satisfaction from that money. They will also meet with the same fate in the market. "Every action have an equal and opposite reaction".


In fact some business men are giving services to their clients even after expiry of warranty period. Why they are doing so. Just to keep good relation and satisfied customers. This will late be the main factor of their business success.


People say that if you conduct genuine business you cannot succeed, is it ok?

No, it is the wrong idea of wrong people. In fact only genuine business can exist for long. Growth of a genuine business may be slow, but its base will be strong and will exist for long period. If somebody want to manipulate the genuine business structure and succeed in a short period, either they will suffer huge loss or will be in jail after few years.  

E.g. take the case of Google adsense, genuine webmasters are able to retain in the business and earning well, but fraudsters and getting banned within short period.


What about competition? How can we succeed?

Selling inferior quality goods at cheaper rate is not the only solution for existing in the market or bringing growth to your organization. If you sell quality goods and quality services, people who want quality will become your clients. Those who run for cheap product will think about quality only when they face problem. Even if they purchased inferior quality goods at cheap rate, they won't come to your shop for another product.



I am dealing with number of business men who selling different variety of products. The most important thing I noticed is those who sell quality goods are most successful. Inferior quality goods are not available in their shops. But people who are selling inferior quality goods are spending more time to solve quality problems and their businesses are not so successful.


What to do if you are not able to sell the product in the market price

Now many big companies are in the retail business and the business margin is at lowest level. Companies started reducing printed Market Retail Price also. In this situation it is very difficult for small business men to survive.  The solutions available are:

      Sell the product at minimum margin

      Try to increase quantity of business

      Develop client relations

      Reduce overheads

      Use affordable office

      Employ experienced staff with maximum productivity

      Give incentive to every employ who is able to bring any business whether it is small or business

      Use online and offline free advertisement options

The author is the Chairman of a fast developing online e-shop and has more than 20 years experience in many business segments.

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