Bribe in holy place of Shirdi - God has no power to control bribe, then who has?

This year also we have visited Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi. Every year I try to visit the holly place, not because of I am a big devotee of Babaji, or I want anything from him; but because of many other reasons.  Some of them are:



Since I have sufficient reason to visit Shridi and many other temples, I am doing it regularity.  But I can tell you one thing, our life never improved by visiting all these places, instead expenses increased. I have closely watched my friends who are great devotees of many gods. I have not seen any significant improvement in their life. They are also continuing with their regular problems.

As a god fearing man I should respect gods and saints.  But many of my doubts about god remain un- cleared.  Indian economy and Gods are confusing me every time.



When I hear about Sants, Politicians, and Business men who owns and travels on Private Airlines and while seeing over weight people of town, I feel that Indian economy is developed.

But when I see thousands of beggars wandering in Delhi, un-employed mass and people who forget to smile due to poverty, I feel that the development claim of Indian economy is not genuine.

Like that when I see gods becoming richer and richer every year I fee that God has power.

But when I see the big devotees whose lives are not improved, my belief in god reduces.

I personally know many great devotees of different gods who are engaged in pure corruption.  But I have never seen god punishing them. Instead those who try to prevent them are getting punished.

By taking into consideration all these facts, I am not a good believer of god but visits temples due to the fear that god may punish me more.

Any way, we have reached Shridi and appeared before god and I marked my attendance. There I noticed a board, "Beware of pick pockets". I smiled, god do not have power to control pick pockets in his holly place. Then how can he protect me.

On the next day we decided to visit Shani Mandir. While my friend was arguing with a over charging Taxi wala, another taxi driver came and offered less rate and we decided to hire his taxi. (it was also higher charging higher).



We started our journey to Sani Mandir. Suddenly our vehicle stopped. We have noticed a head constable standing like king. Our driver got down from the vehicle and with great respect he walked to the Police Men. He gave a Rs. 500/- note to the Police man. The policemen talked to him for few seconds and gave back balance amount after deducting his bribe. Our driver came back with a smile of a winner. By that time the Police man stopped other vehicles passing through that way and continued his job of collecting bribe.

After travelling few meters we saw a group of Police Men collecting bribe in the other side of road.

I said begging in India is of two types -

One is without education

Other is with education by joining in Government job.

Again I am confused, people are taking bribe in front of temple, touts are approaching us to help for easy darshan, people are overcharging, but god don't have time to punish them and simply watching and enjoying when its devotees are punished.

Then I understood, oh! God do not have a super computer to control all these activities.

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